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Our Norland Nannies are highly trained so can do more than just babysit. That said, even on a simple nighttime sit, things can go wrong, children may wake up ill or distressed, so it's important to have a safe pair of hands on duty and our nannies are here to help.

During your booking, your nanny would be happy to make a delicious nutritious meal for the children, plan a fun activity to support your child’s development as well as sorting bath and bedtime. 

Norlanders can also help advise you from their extensive knowledge, including help with weaning, sleep routines, potty training and any other aspects of early years development.

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Standard Booking

Booking requests are sent out to all available Norland Nannies in your area.

Up to 5 nannies apply, and parents select their preferred candidate and confirm by paying a deposit


These requests can only be sent out up to 51 hours before the booking start time, and expire 48 hours before the booking start time, so as to give any candidate nannies plenty of notice whether they have been accepted or not

Express Booking

Express Requests work on a first come basis. The nanny who first accepts, gets the booking.

You can choose the qualification level of the nanny before posting an Express Request.

When the nanny accepts your Express Request, your card on file is automatically charged.

You both receive instant confirmation when the payment has gone through.

All requests posted within 51 hours of the start time will automatically be Express.

These requests can be sent out up to 2 hours before the start time and expire 1.5 hours before the start time.

Booking Types

Rebook a nanny

If you enjoyed a nanny you booked previously on the app, you can now send that nanny a direct request.

Rebooking requests can be made up to 51 hours before the booking start time and expire 48 hours before the start time.


When the nanny receives your request, they have a few options; accept the request, decline the request, reply with alternative times they can do that day or send you a message back.

If the nanny accepts the booking, the app will automatically charge the card on file to confirm the booking.

You can then chat with your nanny, via our in-app messaging, before and during the booking.

To find a nanny for longer than a day, please contact the Norland Agency team.

Making a booking


Download the app, sign up, create a profile with your relevant details.

Create a request with the time, date and duration you need to book one of our Marvellous Norland Nannies.

Choose from the nannies who apply and confirm with a deposit showing our fixed flat rate up front with no hidden extra fees.

During the booking you can monitor the sit through the Active Booking screen, where you can view the time left, message your nanny and even request extensions.

At the end, simply leave a review and payment is taken care of digitally in the app.

So you can relax, knowing your precious little-ones are in Marvellous hands.

Making a booking


Download the app and sign up using your email address that’s registered with the Norland Agency.

You will receive a verification code to that email and you will need to input this into the app. This is so we know you are the owner of that email address.

After you have entered the correct code, you will be prompted to fill out your details. We will then use all this information to verify your identity and status with Norland.

After you’re verified, you can finish creating your profile, including your availability for nannying jobs and the location + range you’d like to receive job requests from. 

Next you’ll be prompted to create a Stripe account to receive your payouts. We have a step by step guide in the help sheet if you need guidance.

Once sign up is complete, you’ll then be notified of parent booking requests that match your availability and location.

Apply to the booking requests you’d like to do and await parent confirmation.

After a booking is confirmed, you will be able to message the parent and view their “Need to Knows” to help get you up to speed.

During the booking, there is an Active Booking screen with a timer to let you know how much time is left and a chat function to message parents.

When the booking is over, simply leave a review and payment is taken care of digitally.

We hope you have a Marvellous experience!


Our nannies and rates

All our nannies are Norland Nannies. This means they are either currently training at Norland College or have completed their training at Norland. Outlined below is a summary of each level of nanny we have on our app and their fixed rate on the app.

Our rates are all inclusive (already include all fees and taxes) however, overtime charges will apply if sits exceed the booked time with no accepted extension. Overtime is charged at a 20% premium on a per minute basis after a 15 min grace period.


Norland Students

Norland students are nannies currently completing the 3 year full time BA (Hons) qualification and Norland Diploma at Norland College.

As with all nannies on the Marvellous app, students are fully vetted including enhanced DBS checks, first aid training and relevant basic instruction.

Our student nannies are often extremely experienced, many already have years of childcare experience before even starting at Norland.
Like all Norland Nannies, students must also commit to Norland’s gold standard of care in all the work they carry out.

(+£2.50 extra for the first hour)

Newly Qualified Nanny

“NQNs”, short for “Nearly Qualified Nanny” are nannies who have just finished the 3 year BA (Hons) qualification at Norland College and are doing their one year full time placement to complete their Norland Diploma and seal their status as a fully qualified Norlander.

NQNs are full time childcare professionals who will not only have undergone three years of extensive early years training but have also passed a series of written and practical exams as well as a range of different placements whilst at Norland.

These nannies, like all Norland Nannies, stay up to date on all the latest childcare techniques and advice, continuing to commit to Norland's gold standard of care.

(+£2.00 extra for the first hour)


Fully Qualified Norlander

Fully Qualified Norland Nannies have completed the 3 year BA (Hons) qualification at Norland College as well as their Norland Diploma.

These nannies are full time childcare professionals who have not only undergone several years of training but also have several years worth of direct childcare experience too.

Once fully qualified, Norlanders continue to stay up to date on all the latest childcare techniques and advice, often returning to the college for additional CPD courses.

 Like all Norland Nannies, Fully Qualified Norlanders continue to commit to Norland’s gold standard of care.
All this combined means Norland Nannies are truly world-class and unparalleled in both their knowledge and experience with early years care.

(+£2.00 extra for the first hour)

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