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  • Preparing for your booking: Top tips for Parents
    1) Message your nanny in advance and let them know about any specific request you may have, such as providing activities, preparing meals, or sorting bath and bedtime. 2) Make sure your “Need to Knows” are correct and up to date. 3) Upon arrival, show the nanny around the space they will work in. 4) Communication is key. If you’re running late, let them know and request an extension in the app to avoid the overtime charges. Please note: extension requests are at the discretion of your nanny. Our nannies always try to be accommodating when you are running late but if your nanny doesn’t agree to the extension, you may be charged the overtime fee. 5) Relax knowing your child is in the care of a world-class childcare professional. 6) Had a good experience? Use the app to make another booking. Please don’t embarrass our nannies by asking them to book off-app, as this can impact their standing with Norland as well as voiding your in-app protections. If you need any more information, please message and one of our marvellous team members will help you out.
  • How much does a booking cost?
    Bookings are charged at a predetermined fixed hourly rate, with a slight addition to the first hour to help compensate our nannies for travel arrangements. The current rates are viewable here: The fixed rates include our commission, from which all expenses such as platform costs, Stripe transaction fees and VAT are taken. This way parents know upfront how much a booking will cost when paying the deposit, with no hidden extras. Please note: there are automatic overtime charges if you are more than 15 minutes late. This is to help compensate nannies for staying longer than agreed. We will charge this to the card you made the deposit with.
  • Why do I have to pay the full amount before the booking?
    To confirm your booking, we take the full payment and hold this amount until the booking is complete. This is important to help protect the payment due to the nanny for each sit. At the end of your booking, we receive the invoice from the nanny and we calculate any overtime or extensions. If there were any additional charges, a separate payment will be taken. But don’t worry, if something doesn’t look right, just contact us and we can help resolve any issues. Your deposit will be refunded if you cancel the booking more than 12 hours before the start time.
  • Can I pay my nanny in cash?
    We’ve made our marvellous app 100% cashless. No need for a last minute dash to the ATM!
  • How do I change the timings of the booking?
    If you need to change the timings of your booking, simply go to your “upcoming bookings” (tap the calendar icon on the navigation bar) and select the booking your want to amend. You can then edit the booking and this request will get sent to your nanny. Your changes won’t be confirmed until your nanny has accepted the amendments. Extending the booking length You can request an extension to the booking before the day by using the steps above. If you'd like to request an extension during the Active Booking, you can do this by tapping "Request Extension" on the Active Booking dashboard. If the nanny accepts the extension, your original booking deposit is refunded and the app will charge the new total booking amount (charged at the normal rate). Reducing the booking length You can request to reduce the booking length all the way up until the booking starts by using the steps above. However, once the booking is Active, you will no longer be able to reduce the length of the booking (i.e. the nanny will get paid the original booking amount even if you arrive home early). This is because nannies apply to booking requests based on the length of the booking with consideration of travel time/costs as well as blocking out their time for the booking. We also ask you to bear this in mind when reducing the length of a booking before the day especially if it's a considerable reduction in hours.
  • How do I cancel a booking request?
    You can cancel a booking request by selecting the request you wish to cancel and tap “cancel”. Your booking requests can be found in “Bookings” section of the app (tap the calendar icon on the navigation bar) under the “Requests” tab.
  • How do I cancel a confirmed booking?
    You can cancel a confirmed booking by selecting the booking you wish to cancel and tap “cancel”. Your confirmed bookings can be found in the “Bookings” (tap the calendar icon on the navigation bar) section of the app under the “Confirmed” tab. Please note that you will be refunded your deposit if you cancel the booking more than 12 hours before the start time. If you cancel less than 12 hours before, then the full deposit amount is taken.
  • Can I change my booking request?
    You cannot change a booking request, instead you must cancel the booking (see How do I cancel a booking request?) and create a new booking request with the new changes. You can request changes to an already confirmed booking (see How do I change the timings of the sit?).
  • What happens if my nanny cancels?
    Nannies will only take jobs they are sure they can carry out, so cancellations are rare. Illness and unforeseen events do occur, however, and if a nanny is no longer able to do a confirmed booking, they will cancel with as much notice as possible. If a nanny cancels you will need to make a new booking. If it is urgent or imminent then we suggest making an Express Booking to allocate a nanny as quickly as possible. You can also contact us and we will do our best to help you.
  • What should I do if my nanny is late?
    Nannies are instructed to be prompt, however, if they do end up running late, they should let you know as soon as possible. If you are unable to contact your nanny or there are any issues, please get in contact with us.
  • Do I need to tip my nanny?
    The app is designed to ensure nannies are well paid for the service they provide, and are thus not expecting any additional compensation. However, it is at your discretion whether you would like to tip your nanny at the end of the booking.
  • Do I need to pay for their taxi home?
    The higher hourly rate for the first hour is designed to help compensate the nanny for their travel arrangements, therefore they do not expect additional payment for their travel home. However, it is at your discretion whether you would like to pay for a taxi home for your nanny.
  • How do I book a nanny?
    Booking a nanny is straightforward. Tap the plus icon to begin, then enter the date, start time and duration for your booking. Once you've checked the details, you post the booking request and wait for nannies to apply. If you picked “Express Booking”, the first nanny to apply will be accepted for the booking and your card on file will be charged to confirm the booking instantly. Please note: you have to make a Standard Booking 51 hours in advance of the proposed start time, anything within this 51 hours is automatically an Express Request. Express Requests can be made up to 2 hours before the start time.
  • What is Express Booking?
    Express Requests speed up the booking process by automatically accepting the first nanny applicant and your card on file is charged the deposit amount to instantly confirm the booking. As soon as the booking is confirmed, you can message your nanny on the app to discuss anything before the day. All bookings made within 51 hours of the booking start time are Express Requests. Express Requests can be made up to 2 hours before the start time at expire 1.5 hours before. You are able to select if you have any preference for the nanny's qualification level before posting an Express Request. Please keep in mind our 12 hour cancellation policy, particularly if you post a booking within 12 hours of the start time. If you no longer need a nanny, you will need to remove the request to avoid a nanny accepting the booking during our nonrefundable cancellation period (12 hours before the start time). There is currently no additional charge for the Express Request service.
  • Why does my booking request expire?
    Your booking request expires when there is no longer enough time for a nanny to apply and be accepted before the sit. This is to ensure nannies are given sufficient time to prepare for a booking once they have been accepted. For Standard Bookings, this happens 48 hours before the requested start time. For Express Bookings, this happens 1.5 hours before the proposed booking start time. This means, if your standard request expires, you may make a new Express Booking for the same time.
  • How many nannies can apply to my booking?
    With Standard Requests, we limit the number of nanny applicants to the first 5 to avoid excessive requests and rejections as well as limit the number of notifications you receive for a given booking. We do recommend you choose a nanny sooner rather than later rather to avoid the request expiring and to help give the nanny plenty of notice prior to the sit. Express Requests are on a first come first serve basis, i.e. the first nanny to accept gets the booking. Please see "What is an Express Booking?" for more info on this.
  • I’ve posted a job but I haven’t got any applicants yet, when will they apply?
    Nannies that have availability for your booking time and location will be notified as soon as your request is posted, however, it may take some a few hours for them to to look at your request and apply. If your job hasn’t received any applicants in the first couple days of posting the job, then it may be worth reviewing the request. If necessary, you can delete the request and repost the job with any changes to renotify any available nannies. We also work hands on with parents and nannies to try and fill all booking requests, so if you are having problems filling a request we are likely already trying to help sort it out. However, please feel free to contact us so we can work with you directly to get you the childcare you need.
  • I want a permanent Norland Nanny, can I use the app?
    The app is designed for ad hoc childcare needs. For a permanent placement, please contact the Norland Agency, details of which can be found on their website here:
  • Can I make more than one booking?
    Parents can currently make as many bookings and requests on the platform as they wish.
  • I loved our last nanny, am I able to rebook them?
    If you enjoyed a nanny you booked previously on the app, you can now send that nanny a direct request. Rebooking requests can be made up to 2 hours before the booking start time and expire 1.5 hours before the start time. When the nanny receives your request, they have a few options; accept the request, decline the request, reply with alternative times they can do that day or send you a message back. If the nanny accepts the booking, the app will automatically charge the card on file to confirm the booking. You can then chat with your nanny, via our in-app messaging, before and during the booking. ​ To find a nanny for longer than a day, please contact the Norland Agency team.
  • How do I find a nanny who speaks other languages?
    Nanny applicants who are fluent in any additional languages list this on their skills which is viewable on their profile. We are currently working to include foriegn spoken languages as a filter for requests.
  • Can I book a nanny with newborn experience?
    The wonderful thing about working exclusively with Norland Nannies is that we know every nanny has been through extensive training that covers all aspects of caring for children right from the newborn stage. They even know how to use the traditional terry towelling nappies! We do also have a label under “Extra Skills” that allows nannies to state that they have recent/relevant newborn experience. You can also message your nanny in-app before the booking to ask about any of their skills or experience.
  • Why do I need a profile picture?
    This will help protect our nannies, allowing them to identify you in person when they first arrive for the booking. We also require all our nannies to upload a profile picture too.
  • What are “Need to Knows”?
    “Need to Knows” are where you input the key information about your family and home that are easily overlooked but are important for the nanny to know. These range from required information such as any child allergies and underlying health conditions, to other useful details like parking availability and whether the nanny can help themselves to tea and coffee. You only need to input this information once (but keep it up to date) and it is shared on all subsequent confirmed bookings to help give the nanny information they need, when they need it. It gives you peace of mind that you haven’t forgotten to tell the nanny something important. We still ask that you tell your nanny about any allergies or health concerns before the booking, as well any important information they need to know. “Need to Knows” disappear from the nanny’s view once the booking is complete.
  • What information can nannies see about me?
    When you post a booking request, your postcode (not full address), first name, profile picture, children’s ages and gender, “about our family” bio and past booking reviews are viewable to nanny applicants. Only after a booking is confirmed are more details such as full address, phone number and “Need to Knows” shared with the nanny and disappear once the booking has been completed. Norland Nannies also follow a strict code of conduct which includes respecting and maintaining client family privacy.
  • Staying safe on the app.
    In order to stay safe on the app, ensure the information on the app is appropriately complete and up to date, for example if your child has a new allergy or medical condition, make sure it is updated in the “Need to Knows”. We only share sensitive information (like child allergies, exact address etc) with nannies that you have a confirmed booking with. However, your “about our family” bio is viewable to nannies when you make a booking request, so ensure you are comfortable sharing any information you write there.
  • Do all the nannies have a DBS check and First Aid training?
    All Norland Students and Newly Qualified Norlanders (NQNs) on the app will have had their DBS and First Aid completed through Norland. Fully Qualified Norlanders must also continue to keep their First Aid certification and enhanced DBS check up to date.
  • How does overtime work?
    If the booking isn’t ended by either the parent or nanny within 15 mins of the predetermined end time, then overtime charges apply. Overtime is charged per minute at the overtime rate (see rates) for the entire period the booking runs over, until the booking is ended. This additional payment will be taken after the booking ends. To avoid overtime charges, parents may request an extension to the booking, however the nanny MUST accept for this extension to apply. If an extension is not accepted, parents are expected to relieve the nanny at the predetermined booking end time.
  • How are payments taken?
    To confirm your Standard Request, you are required to pay the full booking amount as a deposit via Stripe. Express Requests require a payment method on file which is automatically charged when a nanny accepts your Express Request. The deposit amount is held until the booking has been carried out and then the payment is distributed to your Marvellous nanny while we keep a % commission. If a booking is changed before the start time, parents will be refunded the previous booking amount and charged the new amount. This is to make sure the correct deposit is made for the total booking time. If a parent requests an extension to the booking (which is accepted by their nanny) then this is treated the same as a booking change. The old booking amount will be refunded, and the new booking amount (with the additional time) will be charged. This may appear like we are recharging the whole new booking on top, but we can reassure you we are simultaneously processing a refund for the old booking amount. Any overtime charges will be applied at the end of the booking as an additional charge. At the end of the booking, parents receive a full invoice, explaining all relevant details.
  • What are the typical duties of a Norland Nanny?
    Our Norland Nannies are highly trained and have an extensive range of skills. As well as providing for the physical and educational needs of the children, you can ask your marvellous Norland Nanny to carry out any nursery duties during a daytime booking. This includes cooking, cleaning and laundry for the children within their care. Typical duties include: - physical care of the child - supporting and providing activities for the holistic development of the child - providing well-balanced and nutritious meals appropriate to the needs of the child - cleaning and tidying the nursery, bedroom, playroom and other areas as agreed with parents - cleaning, laundering and mending the child’s clothes and toys - cleaning and maintenance of items such as sterilisers, buggies, car seats, etc. - supporting your children with homework They can also help advise you from their extensive knowledge, including help with weaning, sleep routines, potty training and any other aspects of early years development.
  • Top Tips for accepting jobs
    - To ensure you are notified for the right jobs, check your availability is correct and up to date, and that your location range is achievable. - Make sure you don’t apply for jobs that clash. Check your diary and any other jobs you may have applied to or confirmed on the app. These can be found in the bookings section. - Allow plenty of time to get to the family, we recommend arriving 15mins before the start time to help give time for introductions and parents to share any necessary information. - Try to keep some time after the booking free just in case the parents are late. We allow the family a 15min grace period after the booking ends to complete the handover and end the booking on the app. If the booking runs over this grace period, you will receive an overtime rate charged per minute. - Parents may request extensions if they want more time (and avoid overtime charges). You may accept these requests during the booking, if you are happy to stay longer and receive the extra period at the standard rate.
  • How do I get babysitting jobs?
    You will be notified of booking requests that match your availability and location. You can then apply to these jobs, and if selected, you will receive a confirmation of your new booking. If the request is an Express Booking, then you will be immediately accepted if you are the first to apply. All booking requests that match your availability are also viewable in the bookings tab of the app, along with any bookings you have applied to, any upcoming bookings and your completed bookings.
  • Why am I not receiving any booking requests?
    Firstly check to make sure your availability is set correctly (e.g 17:00-20:00 not 05:00-08:00), and covers times parents are likely to need help. Don’t feel you have to restrict yourself to evenings either, daytime requests are common, especially on weekends and school holidays. Secondly, check your address is correct and that your availability radius is large enough to capture requests in your local area that you are happy to go to. If you are still not receiving any requests, and can’t find any on your bookings tab, then please contact us. It may be that we haven't launched fully in your area yet, in which case it's good to know that we have an active nanny in that area so we can inform local parents that marvellous nannies are available!
  • Do I have to pay Marvellous Babysitting to use the app?
    No, we don't charge nannies to use the app. We just charge parents a fixed % commission for each booking made on the app. This covers expenses like Stripe payment fees, VAT and platform costs. We also use the remainder of this commission to help upkeep the app, generate more parent interest, provide hand-on support and maintain our partnership with Norland.
  • How does overtime work?
    If a booking doesn't end at the stated end time and runs on beyond the grace period, then overtime charges apply. This charge is a premium per minute rate to compensate nannies for the inconvenience for staying longer than agreed. We do allow a 15min grace period after the booking ends for nannies and parents to complete the handover and end the booking on the app (by either pressing the “end booking” button). Parents may also request an extension to the booking to avoid overtime if they wish to stay out longer or are running late. In this case, a nanny may choose to accept, and overtime charges don’t apply until after the new end time. If a nanny chooses not to accept or doesn’t respond, then overtime still applies to the original booking end. If you can stay longer, we do encourage you to agree to the extension request if possible as it really helps the parent out, especially if they are unavoidably running late.
  • A parent has sent an extension request in the app, what should I do?
    If you are happy to stay longer and receive compensation for the additional time at the relevant standard rate, then you can accept the request. If you choose not to accept the request, then the booking times stay as it was before, and if the parent is late, overtime charges apply as usual. We do encourage you to agree to the extension request if possible as it really helps the parent out, especially if they are unavoidably running late. We strongly recommend that you message the parent through the chat function available in-app, and communicate your choice as well.
  • The family has cancelled, what happens now?
    If the family cancels a booking within 12 hours of the start time, then you will receive the full booking payment. When a parent cancels more than 12 hours in advance, there is currently no charge, however families who abuse the app by routinely cancelling confirmed bookings will be removed from the app.
  • Does the booking include a taxi home?
    he rates include a higher charge for the first hour to help compensate nannies for their travel. Parents may still offer a taxi or other service to help get you home, and it is up to you whether to accept the offer. Please exercise caution and make safe choices with all your travel arrangements.
  • I’ve applied to a booking, what happens now?
    If the booking is a standard booking request, then the parent has up to 48 hours before the booking start time to choose a nanny from up to 5 applicants. Once the parent has chosen a nanny, you will be notified either that you’ve been accepted or that the parent has chosen another nanny. You will also be notified if the parent has changed their mind and cancelled their request. If the request is for an Express Booking, then the first nanny applicant who accepts is confirmed for the booking. Requests you have applied to are all viewable in the bookings tab, along with other requests, confirmed upcoming bookings, and completed bookings.
  • I’ve been accepted for a booking, what happens now?
    At this point you are able to message the parents through the app, and view their “need to knows” in preparation for the booking. This includes useful information like if there’s parking, wifi, refreshments, directions as well as key details like any child allergies or medical conditions you should know about. We encourage you to use the chat function reach out to parents and introduce yourself ahead of time. Don’t be a stranger!
  • What happens during the booking?
    Please ensure you get to your booking in good time. Map out the time needed in advance and make sure you get there 15 mins beforehand to allow time for the handover. Once the booking time starts, there will be an Active Booking screen where you can view the booking timer, message the parents, and end the booking once it has finished.
  • What happens after the booking has ended?
    Once the booking has ended (by either you or the parent tapping the end booking button and confirming), you will then be able to view and confirm the invoice. Please note that we allow a 15 minute grace period at the end of a booking so please don’t tap “invoice is incorrect” if the booking ended within that time, as the parent won’t get charged anyway and it may cause a delay in your payment. Once you have confirmed the invoice, you leave a review of your experience and the parent will be able to view your comments.
  • What do I do if the invoice is wrong?
    If the invoice is incorrect, tap “this invoice is incorrect”. Then please send us an email as soon as possible to let us know what was incorrect and we will help sort the issue. Please note that we allow a 15 minute grace period at the end of a booking so please don’t tap “invoice is incorrect” if the booking ended within 15 minutes of the end time as the parent won’t get charged anyway and it may cause a delay in your payment.
  • When do I receive payment?
    The payment is triggered by Stripe as soon as the invoice is approved by the nanny. You will receive your payment within a week, the speed depends on how many bookings you have completed through the app and on your bank’s processing speed. Stripe can take a bit of time to process your payment during your first few bookings, as they need time to make sure newer users are legitimate but it should never take more than 7 days. If you have any issues or questions around payment timings please reach out. To keep track of your payments and view the ETA of payments to your bank account, you can login to your Stripe account online.
  • Cancellation Policy - What to do if you need to cancel.
    Nanny cancellation policy We know cancellations are sometimes necessary. But we do ask that you treat bookings on the app like any other job you agree to do, and so should only be cancelled if you are too unwell to work or if there is an emergency. If there are any other issues or reasons where you need to cancel, you must contact Marvellous first before cancelling. If you do need to cancel due to illness or emergency, please contact the parent as soon as you can so they have as much notice as possible. When you go to cancel the booking, you will need to add a reason for the cancellation. This is sent to the parent so do pass on your apologies and let them know why you're cancelling. You could also mention another date they could post that you'd be able to do instead. Frequent cancellations without sufficient notice or good reason, will result in your account being suspended or removed. We really appreciate you following this policy as it ensures we maintain the professional reputation of all Norlanders.
  • How much do I get paid?
    Students: Outside London Daytime - £14.50/hr first hour, £12.50/hr after Nighttime - £13/hr first hour, £11/hr after In London Daytime - £17.50/hr first hour, £15.50/hr after Nighttime - £16/hr first hour, £14/hr after NQNs and Fully Qualified Nannies: Outside London Daytime - £18.50/hr first hour, £16.50/hr after Nighttime - £17/hr first hour, £15/hr after In London Daytime - £22/hr first hour, £20/hr after Nighttime - £18.50/hr first hour, £16.50/hr after Overtime rates (for all nannies, times + locations) will be charged at a 30% premium to the relevant standard rate. London will be defined as a booking taking place in any London-based postcode. Nighttime hours are 7pm - 7am, and Daytime hours are 7am - 7pm. If a booking crosses over into a different price band (e.g. 5pm-10pm), you will be paid the daytime rate until 7pm, then you will paid the evening rate from 7pm onwards (until 7am). In this case, the app will show the “standard rate” as a weighted average of these two rates in the invoice so just be sure to check the booking total when approving the invoice if the standard rate looks different.
  • Who ends the Active Booking?
    Either the parent or nanny can end the sit by pressing the “End Booking” button on the Active Booking interface.
  • What happens if I forget to end the booking?
    We will send several reminders but, if both parties forget to hit the button at the end of the booking, then the nanny can raise a dispute during the invoice approval and we will be in touch to help sort it out.
  • Are all the nannies on the app Norland trained?
    Norland students undergo three years of direct, intense, full-time, studying and training. The Norland course also includes placements for direct work experience, and examinations to achieve their BA (Hons) in Early Years Development and Learning and Norland Diploma. This all ensures Norland Nannies are world-class childcare practitioners. After a period of this training, including the essentials, we deem Norland students to be more than competent enough to join up on this platform, at a lower hourly rate than their graduated peers, and provide Norland quality childcare. All Norland Students on the app have 12 hour First Hour Paediatric Training and have an enhanced DBS check.
  • Which postcodes are "London" bookings?
    All postcodes starting with the first 2 letters/digits listed below are classed as being in London: EC, WC, E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, E7, E8, E9, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N9, NW, SE, SW, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W7, W8, W9, BR, CR, DA, EN, HA, IG, KT, RM, SM, TW, UB, WD
  • How are the Norland Nannies vetted?
    Ensuring all our nannies are certified Norland Nannies in good standing is essential to help assure parents their children are in good care. As part of our partnership, we work closely with Norland to verify our nannies when they join the platform. We check all profiles against the Norland register, confirm access to their Norland registered email, and make sure that there are no outstanding issues. We also maintain a constant two way channel with Norland to ensure the status of all our nannies and report any issues.
  • What is the difference between a Student, NQN and Fully Qualified Norland Nanny?"
    A Student is a nanny who is currently enrolled at Norland College and is undergoing the BA (Hons) in Early Years Development and Learning and Norland Diploma . Student’s will have completed their 12 hour First Hour Paediatric Training, an enhanced DBS check and received at least the basic training before being onboarded onto our platform. Many of our marvellous student nannies have already had several years of childcare experience before joining Norland. NQN stands for “Newly Qualified Nanny” and is a nanny who has completed all 3 years of Norland training including all exams and practical requirements to achieve their BA and is now undergoing the 1 year of full time placement experience to gain the full Norland Diploma. A “Fully qualified Norland Nanny” or simply a “Norlander” has completed all 3 years of full time training at Norland College including all exams and practical requirements to achieve their BA and has also completed at least 1 year of full time placement experience to gain the full Norland credential. For more information, view our “Info for Parent”
  • What is different about Norland Nannies?
    Norland Nannies are the gold standard of childcare professionals, and have been trusted by families around the world since Norland’s founding in 1892. Norland Nannies are not only instructed in the basics of childcare such as paediatric first aid, child play and physical care, but also advanced topics such as food and nutrition, baby massage, and early years behavioural development. Once graduated, Norland Nannies commit to ongoing training to ensure competence in the latest childcare practices and techniques. All Norland Nannies observe Norland’s strict code of professional responsibilities viewable here: Norland Nannies can also cater to the full range of your child care needs such as providing activities, preparing appropriate nutritious meals, and sorting bath and bedtime. The difference is hard to fully describe, so request one of these fabulous nannies on our platform and see it for yourselves! For more detail on Norlands history and the extensive training and instruction their nannies undergo, see Norlands website here:
  • How do I change my password?
    Simply log out of the app (via the side menu), then select “forgot password”. You will then be prompted to confirm your account via email before inputting a new password.
  • Why is there a waitlist?
    We have a waitlist as there are only a limited number of Norland Nannies, so to avoid disappointment we release new places when there is sufficient availability in a location to support more Marvellous families.
  • What does the booking commission cover?
    Our booking commission not only covers direct costs like transaction fees, taxes and app upkeep, but also allows us to take a hands-on approach with helping parents and nannies by: - Guiding users through onboarding - Helping create and adjust bookings as needed - Directly intervening to try fill any and all booking requests and childcare needs - Assisting to find a replacement nanny in the event of a cancellation - Sorting any last minute changes or issues - Assisting with any issues in the lead up to or during sits - Ensuring payments - Helping resolve any disputes The commission also helps us make sure the platform thrives, by funding our efforts to reach out to more nannies and parents as we try to create as much availability and demand in as many places around the country as possible. We also intend to implement new features to continually improve our platform for you.
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