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Mess-free painting 

This activity is great for babies and toddlers as a sensory experience that allows your child to explore mixing colours and mark making without the mess! There are two versions for this activity; one with baby oil and one without. Just using paint means your baby can easily blend the colours together and make marks in the paint. If you decide to add baby oil, this means the colours won’t mix straightaway creating fun paint blobs.  

Age group

Great for babies and toddlers 


What you'll need

  • Freezer bag 

  • Tape 

  • Paint (water based) 

  • Baby oil (optional)  

Set up

  1. Open up the freezer bag and squeeze different colours of paint randomly throughout the bag. Work from the bottom up and leave some space between each area of paint to avoid the colours mixing straightaway.  

  1. If using, pour in the baby oil. 

  1. Close the bag and make sure there’s no air left inside. 

  1. Seal it shut using tape. You may want to add a layer of clear parcel tape over the bag to avoid tearing. It’s also a good idea to keep fingernails short for this one!  

  1. Stick the bag to a flat surface and encourage your baby to explore this wonderful sensory experience. 

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