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Valentine’s Day Potato Printing

Potato printing is a classic activity that children adore. Afterwards, they'll have a sweet homemade Valentine's card to share with family.

Age Group

2 years +

What are they learning?

Communication and Language:

This relaxed activity is perfect for chatting about feelings and loved ones. Encourage discussions about family, siblings, grandparents, and parents.

Physical Development:

Holding the potato and dipping it in paint helps strengthen dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development:

Encourage patience, sharing, and complimenting each other's work if multiple children are involved. Emphasise discussions about love and different emotions.

Understanding the World:

Discuss colours, shades, and how to mix red and white to make pink. Talk about Valentine's Day and why people exchange cards. You could also take it in a different direction and explore where potatoes come from and how they grow underground! 


What you'll need:

  • A4 white card

  • Red and pink paint

  • 2 paper plates

  • 2 x large potatoes 

  • Knife 

  • Chopping board

  • Small heart-shaped cookie cutter

  • Wipe clean table cloth

  • Apron for your child

How to set it up:

  1. Wash and dry the potatoes to remove any mud.

  2. Place the potatoes on a chopping board and cut them in half using a knife (keep away from children).

  3. Press a heart-shaped cookie cutter into the flat, white side of each potato half firmly.

  4. Using the knife, cut around the outer edge of the potato about 1 cm deep, following the shape of the cookie cutter. You should be left with a great heart-shaped potato stamp.

  5. To make the card, simply fold an A4 card in half.

  6. Squirt red paint onto one paper plate and pink paint onto another.

  7. Roll up your child's sleeves and have them wear an apron.

  8. Have your child pick up the potato and dip the heart shape into the paint.

  9. Gently stamp the painted heart onto the card and lift it directly up and away.

  10. Allow your child to create their design and let it dry completely.

  11. Once dry, your child can write a special message inside the card.

Tips and Tricks

Preparation of Potato Shapes: To save time, you can also prepare the potato shapes before introducing the activity to the children so they can get started straight away. But do this a maximum of 30 mins before so the potatoes don’t go too brown.

Glitter Addition: When the paint is still wet, you can offer your child to sprinkle some red or pink glitter onto the heart shapes.

Variety of Potato Sizes: Offering different-sized potatoes for older children is a great way to add variation to their card designs and accommodate their dexterity levels.

Background Music: Playing the song "One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato Four" or a Children’s Valentine's Day-themed playlist can enhance the atmosphere and add to the fun of the activity.

Incorporating Potato Picking: The idea of going to a 'pick your own' farm to dig up potatoes adds an exciting hands-on element to the activity. However, since potato picking season typically occurs in late August and early September, it might not be feasible during February. Instead, try a trip to a local greengrocer to select the potatoes.

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